Rosendahl Ice Scraper by Erik Bagger

Erik Bagger’s Rosendahl Ice Scraper not only looks a lot nicer than your average scraper, but it was also designed in cooperation with physical therapists to ensure ergonomic comfort. The soft side is effective for dew while the hard edge releases frozen ice off the glass. One concern would be getting to the center of the windshield without that crazy telescopic extension pole…what if you have really short arms? Oh well. Available at Yanko Design for USD $28.95.

Thought this was kind of interesting, in that it looks at the object differently and is clean looking, these where some of the comments on the c77 post:

Where’s the leverage? Physical therapists probably also warn about the adverse effects of using a lever or an inclined plane. Those of us who scrape our windows on a fairly regular basis for 4 months of the year are content with our $6 scraper/brush combos that actually work. How are you supposed to get the middle of the windshield without jumping on the hood of the car to reach it?

Posted by Nurb

I agree. It doesn’t look like the designer has ever used a scraper in his life. It doesn’t look mitten friendly. And I think I’d need scraper teeth before I ever needed a squeegee for my windows…isn’t that what wipers are for?

Posted by laura

what he said,
sure it looks nice, i might even like to own it as an object, but I’m sure it would quickly find its way under my passenger

Posted by word

I had one of those. It is very cool looking but it really doesn’t work very well.
Maybe this would be better? I have never tried it but it looks good. Sorry I do not know how to post pictures.

I still don’t understand the purpose of this one. The image implies that you must draw back across your windshield towards you, instead of push away like a traditional model. This design does seem to be a substantial improvement (albeit slightly unnecessary being stainless steel) in strength over a traditional plastic gas station model. If you can actually use this to push and scrape, they might be on to something. It could probably double as one of those hammers you use to break out your window if you get in an accident.

$30?!!? I’ll admit, I’ve payed extra money for things just because they look nicer, but seriously, when it’s 5 degrees below zero, at the crack of dawn and you’re already 5 minutes late for work, all you care about is getting that ice off as quick as possible so you can get back in your warm car and get goin. Form follows function, this does not.

I don’t think $30 is too much at all, I would want it to be able to reach accross my window though… this might be good to scrape one of these down:

Seen that and several other nice looking Danish design ice scrapers here. Theres one by Stelton too at $50.

I agree with the point of usability, but I can vouch that here in Denmark there really isnt much in way of snow and ice (just got first snowfall yesterday, but nothing left 3 hours after), so perhaps its designed more for portability and occasional use. I dunno.

Maybe intended mostly for the local market and brought into US design stores as a designer object? Surely solutions to these kinds of problems must vary by location and need.

I know in Canada for instance, where its not uncommon to have 1 ft. of snow overnight in the winter, this aint gonna cut it, and many people keep a 4’ pushbroom in the garage…

just my 0.02$ worth.