Has anyone been to Romania? I might be going in a few weeks. I asked about visa’s, the people sending me we pretty much like, YOU won’t need one. Officially I think I do. It is all pretty dodgy but as long as it dose not end up like Hostel I think I will be fine. Also I was told I will be a guest of the richest family in Romania (or something like that). So has anybody got any advice? I am a little worried about Gypsy’s, but I think that is more of an issue in Ukraine.

Vampires man, vampires.

…ever thought of this?

I am a little worried about Gypsy’s, but I think that is more of an issue in Ukraine.

Whooah!.. That’s like saying I’m worried to go to the US but I’m worried about blacks.

I’ve been to Romania (and Ukraine for that matter). It’s very much like the rest of eastern Europe - not very service minded (with some exceptions). But don’t advertise your illusion of western world superiority and you will be fine, common sense applies (as usual).

Also don’t talk to much about vampires, Romanians aren’t very fond of that portrayal because the Dracula tale actually references some sort of national hero, I don’t know much about it.

Yeah the whole vampire thing is just a legend, although I have heard this makes parts of the country tourist traps. Obviously I was just joking.

that’s a cool trick


Since I am sporting the navy blue passport with the picture on the wrong side (US), I wasn’t that worried about the visa.

The furthest I’ve been in Eastern Europe was Poland and it was still communist then, so it’s been awhile. I’m sure I’ll be fine; I know not to talk about the west, and vampires. I’m sorry if I offended anyone about my fear of Gypsy’s, it’s not all members of that group of people, just the people who CHOOSE to live in the areas next to the highway they pull crap off your car. Most of my fear is from a friend who is from the Ukraine, he hates Gypsy’s, and would tell me about stuff they would do when he would go back for visits. I knew a guy when I lived in England who was really nice and well mannered and claimed to be of Irish Gypsy decent.