romancing with the *ideal* college

ah the notion of finding the perfect partner to study

just thought I should post this saga of mine after replying to my own other

– anywhere inexpensive, yet great place to do ID at postgrad level ?
I am thinking of a few colleges. But just want to see how others respond. My other friend’s daughter is looking for a college to do ID too…

so on I go romping about romancing with the college

anyone wants to take in a romancer in ID ??

*have fun !


I graduated from Parsons in NYC, but if I wanted to do postgrad/masters I would check out MIT & IIT for a prof/teacher position. I don’t believe you need a masters for a manager/director position if that is what you are looking to become but I’m sure it helps. You just may climb that ladder without a masters.

If you are confident and know you can get a job in most ID firms meaning you have options, then I wouldn’t worry about money or taking on a loan.

*M.I.T. Media Lab/Experience Design
*Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology/ID


many thanks for your reply !
I am thinking of doing a post grad to upgrade mainly research knowledge and perhaps other new areas in design.

You mentioned that Masters is not that important in climbing the corporate ladder but it does seem that people appear to emphasize about that degree in many establishments.

Any ideas there ?

MIT – how difficult is it to get in ?
and I thought they were good in media design ?

I’m not to sure how difficlt to get in MIT. Look into the Experience Design masters; maybe that would be good with the research knowledge you are looking for.