Rolls Royce concept sketches from the 100EX concept (geneva)

I came across these and thought they where just so simple and clean without all of the usual gimmickry associated with car sketches - thought you might like them too.

and then the actual car:

I am not a car designer…but looking at it from an outsider to the field. I think for such a smooth simple design a simple monotone background and a outline image like a couple, fits perfect. the mood is all there. they are drawing with a target market inmind i think. these are not like hummer skecthes with i would think would be heavey line work and bright bold colors…everything kinda blown out. but instead for a simple expensive luxereous car like this it fits perfect. something we dont really discuss much on there forums is designing for a target market. this is something that is soo stressed at my school knowing and understanding your market.l and i think once you understand that it will effect your design. like these shown above.

I like how clean they are and straight to the point. i never lost my focus, meaning i stayed attentive to the cars details and curves even tho few on this design. I like them. I like the bently designs also. for a car in reality that is not as expensive i see alot of these kind of shapes in cadilac designs. I like cadilac designs also.

nice post what is the link…anymore pics like this???

Did they ditch the curve on the back of the front wheel? I can’t really tell from the photos. I hope they did, cus I don’t think it’s working.

My school’s dean went to the show and came back with a slide presentation. He said that the entire hood was milled out of a piece of stock aluminium, a waste of material, but was absolutely beautiful.

All I see are ‘blue question marks.’ Server down maybe?

ahh the beautiful blue question mark, personification of automitive elegence… oh wait try hitting refresh.

is that a sports car?

Now with these, I’d assume the photoshop renderings were done with the actual orthos that were used for the 3-d modeling, just because the proportions and everything are dead on. P work had to have been based off of final linework or else that’s some insane retention of design intent!
That little hook behind the front wheel is still there, you can see it in the last photo, just barely. I like these renders also, very mature, especially the last. I just wish there were more solar flares and bling sparkles!!! Maybe a batman style “vroooom” in the background, yeah, that’ll do it.

the images are beautiful. I agree with skinny that the renderings were based on orthos. The design had to be pretty refined before these images were created. The most inconsistent element is in the 2nd image with the people in it…

…my little study is based on the rims are 22’s and the people are standing about 2 feet away from the car. This would make the figures about 5.5’ or less. I do agree that the simplicity and lack of usual gimmickry makes these images rock! Thanx for the posting yo

the little marshy plant in the background is funny.

Trying to capture that Florida country club environment. I thought Puffy was the target end user (or is still P diddy?)

It’s PovD@wg-Diddy and I’m gonna buy 2