Rolls of metal?

So I got this little studio room at home and it has a huge blank wall 11ft x 9ft. I’d like to put some metal stripes on it, like 1" - 6" tall and stretching the whole 11ft length of the wall. I’m thinking a stripe every foot or so. This way I can get a bunch of magnets and tack up sketches and print outs and what not.

Anybody got a good sorce for some thin steel flashing or something like that? Or any other ideas?

go galvanized… . you know, HVAC stuff.

get it at your local heating and plumbing contractor. he’ll have a shear and can cut to whatever width you want.

though a little pricey, i think making the entire wall a magnetic board would rock if you have 4-500 bucks to spare. I’ve been in a few conference rooms with 6-7 of these walls and they rock… have like 100 magnet just sitting around (…these rock!)

otherwise, the strips may just get messy… perhaps a big suction wall, or a staticlly charged wall if you just have light-weight sketch paper.