Role of the Designer and User in the Product Design Process

That is awesome. We just aren’t to that size yet. We are a group of 9. Hopefully we will get to scale up to that point and add some dedicated research headcount. Even one just to lead sessions.

I agree with Michael here - it’s important for the ID guys to see and hear things first hand - we’re not especially responsive to reading research reports. Plus, getting out there and experiencing the environment is very valuable.

I’d agree a written research report has little value. Typically, we have project meetings every 1-2 weeks, depending on the project hotness, where research and technical talk through the issues.

I think it is also important to note our research folks are in the field 80% of the time. That would be a horrible use of time for our technical folks. They are plenty busy making solutions for the user to evaluate.

I’ve found this useful, though did we vear off? Hey OP, where did you want this convo to go?