Roger Williams University, Beware

I am currently a student at Roger Williams University, at the School of Art Architecture and Historic Preservation and I have a few words of discouragement. Well There is no art here. And while there are individuals who speak, and are misled, highly of the school of architecture, I would caution anyone from persuing an education there. The school is a liberal arts school, which happens to have an arch program. This program has a deep crisis in its arch philosophy. There are consistantly conflicts, in which the students suffer, about department policy. The architect which the school of architecture has contracted on 2 occassions for its facilities, Bill Kite, is a joke, he blows like a leave in the wind, being capable mostly of ill conceived postmodern spaces. The students are insufferable; while the school claims to have high standards for its students, many find the dicotomy of admitees frustrating, ranging from those who didnt make it into the better design schools, and wished to stay in NE, to those who shouldn’t be in college, and have no artistic or design ability, however, are matriculated because of the department’s backwardness. While there are some very gifted students and faculty here the university is a poor governor of the program and the grad placement is nearly non-existant. If you want to design tract housing, go somewhere cheaper.

So why did you decide to go there, you sound like a smart kid, at least you use words like dicotomy, but I find it hard to beleive that all of these issues could be so concealed during the admissions process.

Are you from that area?

Did You visit the school and talk to students and faculty before attending?

What where the reasons you chose to go there?

Why post this info here and not on Archinect where it could reach more architecture students?

Also, your link doesn’t seem to go anywhere currently.

The site isnt up right now.

RWU offered me a full ride, I decided to start there. I am a RI native and had anticipated to transfer abroad.

Frankly I was nieve when I entered college, and didnt understand design as well as I might have. This however, is hindsight. I posted this piece because I frequent core 77 more than archinect, having more real world exposure and connection to Architecture.

Part of my decision making was made as a result of impulse and ignorance.

Perhaps this was an argravated response. I didnt mean to spread negativity onthe board, sometimes my creative input is overcome by venting anger.

Well you haven’t really lost anything since you got full ride. Just start looking for better places and all will be better.