Rocking chairs, the bad, the ugly and the ?

I think I’ve spent over 3 hours on the internets so coming here as a last result. Looking for a rocking chair for the nursery that is not ugly. Seriously I didn’t think this would be that difficult even going in knowing most traditional nursing chairs look like a Laz-E-Boy but figured there must be tons of non-nursing specific rockers that exist. Nope.

Most look like this.

The “designer” ones I’ve found are not terrible, but not really something that I would want in my living room. Still a bit heavy. And at $1400 not cheap either.

There is of course the Eames Rocker, but was figuring something with head support and some padding might be better functionally. I hear babies need feeding lots :slight_smile:

I’ve come across a very few rockers that are definitely better, but also a bit pricey. DWR Risom Rocker. ERA Rocker. Rapson Rocker. All $2-3K. Keeping under $2K would be nice.

We have the Stingray Rocker but it’s not suitable for nursing (hard to get in/out of). Considering using the Eames Lounge (or buying another one), though it doesn’t really rock (but has spring to it). Not sure how the baby puke would clean off the leather…

At this point most likely going with the obvious Eames Rocker or Modernica Fiberglass Case Study rocker, but would love some more options… Been to all the fancy furniture shops and was surprised that more rockers don’t even seem to exist.

Anything I missed?


Crate & Barrel & Kids?

Room & Board?

Biggest thing you missed though, as a father of three… make sure Mom is comfortable first. What I found comfortable was vastly different than my wife, even though we have similar sense of style when it comes to furniture. And since she did the bulk of the feeding in the rocking chair, it was important she was comfortable (and comfortable holding a baby/toddler, too!) first and foremost.

Her vote now is the Eames Rocker too. Though she liked the Risom Rocker and Rapson rocker was her fave. Since we don’t have the baby yet and it’s our first kinda hard to know what will be comfy… sitting in it in the store for 5 min isn’t the same as 5 hours in the middle of the night, tired with a baby on the boob I’m guessing…

Not seeing anything different at CBK or the links… All Lazy-Boy. Why can’t there be something like the Saarinen Womb Chair or Jacobsen Egg chair, but a rocker (and comfy - the Womb chair is surprisingly not so comfy)?

That mint green ERA chair above is the closest to what I sorta have in mind. I’ve even looked at some Ikea chairs and tried to figure out if I could convert to a rocker somehow…


Also, rockers like the ones you show will need to be on a rug. They will tear up a wood floor in a few weeks otherwise.

I found that I used it about 30% of the time. We (XY chromesome humans) can’t feed the baby naturally, so anytime it’s upset we do the next best thing (rock it).

This I think would make a nice rocker-


Get out the IKEA hacker, Richard!

Buttercup Rocker from Blu Dot?

Neat. Looks less comfy than an eames one though. :wink:



there are a few at target that might be cheap enough to take a shot on:


this one from AllModern might be ok:

That’s the difficulty. It’s either super cheap garbage (<$500) or really expensive ($3000+). I was hoping to avoid the disposable knock offs.

I’d rather spend $2000 on something quality that won’t end up in a landfill than $200 on a waste.

The Eames rocker is kinda the closest in the middle. With trade discount it’s less than $1000 and I can use it post baby. Worst case if it sucks for nursing and don’t want it I can sell it. I’d then just get an Ikea Poang rocker and give it away post baby…

Seriously though even considering picking up a well used vintage Eames Lounge that I don’t have to worry about spit up on.

Looking into Ikea hacks. :wink:

Some kids don’t care if they are rocked or not. Just sitting is fine.

Something to consider before spending $2K on something “ugly”.

Good point, iab. Guess we won’t know until we try…

Hey MD, can you just make me this chair, as a rocker? I’ll buy it. Looks perfect. :slight_smile:


We got a hand-me-down rocking chair that was comfortable and too gross-looking to even be included in this thread.

I would propose that the rocking chair have a similar life-span as the crib and training potty. You won’t want to look at it, let along use it, once you are done with feeding and rocking kids. I see a similar product on your first slide.

Get something that you can fall asleep in, not something that puts your ass to sleep. An upholstered arm-rest is mandatory. The conglomeration we used also had a rocking ottoman. You will want that too. Having a chance to put your aching feet and swollen ankles up is really nice. If the ottoman also rocks, you can synchronize the motion between the chair and ottoman which turns your extended legs into a consistent ‘table’ surface on which kid can be more comfortable.

I don’t know if MNML’s Ooba/Nest line is available anyplace, but at least its by a designer who was thinking about attractive baby furniture. Seems like it was also done previous to the actual kid arriving though.

Sorry I’m not more help in finding something nice. My advice would be to not worry about it too much, and take your worn/ugly/comfortable chair and ottoman to the used furniture store as soon as you don’t need it for feeding/napping. Otherwise maybe baby-RK will grow up with the conviction that design is uncomfortable and expensive :wink:

LOL, well played sir!

I’m serious. I’d love something like that. Or the sketch below. Just a bit of padding, a nice shape and minimal rocker, please! Really don’t know why more rockers don’t exist.


Here’s one quite close to the MD-sketch. Probably N/A in NA thought…

As a dad Im with the others… wait till the baby is born and see what it likes and dont likes. You may need the 2k for something else entirely.

Our best furniture purchase (for parents needs) was probably this Ikea laptop stand that allowed us to hold the sleeping baby but have a place for the coffee, tv remote, phone, ipad etc… within arms reach.

You don’t do/buy half the crap for the second child as the first. New parents entirely overreact. I know we did. Got a rocker (Shaker) for the first. Never used it. Didn’t even try to use it on #2. The kids use it on their own now. Perfect for the porch.

For feeding in the middle of the night I’d recommend the Eames lounge, or any chez. If you have to rock the kid every time to get them down, you’re screwed.

^^^^^^ THIS IS GOOD ADVICE ^^^^^^^^