rock climbing shoes

there are some sketches of rock climbing shoes:

they are for KESHVARI SHOE CO.
what do you think about them
what do you think about the yellow one?
we want to produce this one
velcro closer system…and vibram sole…
do you know some one specialy work on sport shoe design?
do you know an international competitions about sport design?
answer my questions and make me happy.

Thanks for posting them.

It is hard to say much about them because the design is hidden by the drawing style.

I think the more proportionate drawing style you used in your clear high heel sketch would be better. In that drawing the design comes across with much more clarity and I can see the unique idea in it (which is pretty cool really)


The shape loks reasonable for a climbing shoe. I’m not sure about the slots in the heel rubber. this is an important area for rock climbing - heel hooking etc and may require better grip/protection here. Where the front rand meets the heel rand in the quarter panel also seems a bit close to the bottom gauge for a climbing shoe especially on the medial side.

The strap placement doesnt look like it would gve much holding and there doesnt seem to be a tongue or throat opening so if the shoe is made from suede then there would be big creases in the tongue/vamp. Gripping the foot tightly is very important for climbing.

With vibram, this is a well known name in the outdoors but there are other rubber brands and compounds which have more impact with climbers…


These sketches are fine.
They do not get me excited, but I think that you must be. It is very good that you are happy with the designs and want to share. I wish that I could be more encouraging, but I must be honest.
I like the idea of these colors and patterns, but the sketches are too loose.
Loose sketching is fine for fashion shoes, but performance shoes demand more controlled, more concentrated effort from a designer. There is engineering involved and every aspect of the shape and materials must be considered and tested eventually, before final production. If I thought for a minute that the designer of my rock climbing shoe was more concerned with the look of the shoe than the performance, I would never climb in them. I understand that this is only a sketch, but I also looked at the rest of your portfolio. There is nothing there that shows me that you possess the ability to follow up these sketches with the necessary technical work. If your design is manufactured and all of the technical work is done by others, you will not learn and grow as a designer. There may be a problem with your design that prevents it from being made as you want. If you know how the manufacture and performance of the shoe poses demands and constraints upon your design, you may be able to find a solution. If not, your designs are at the mercy of the developer. There are also many other designers who do have the necessary skills to develop high performance shoes AND have a good fashion sense.
I think it would benefit you to take one of these sketches further. Please make an accurate blueprint of the sole, from all sides. You can copy the general dimensions of another rock climbing shoe to get started. If you can do this, you will be taken more seriously in this category. If not, stick to heels. A climber’s very life may depend on it!

I did a quick google search (I’m not a rock climber at all so I’m not familiar with the market) and see that these do have the proportion of this type of product. So that is great, from here I would challenge you to ask yourself what are you improving upon in your design over your competitors?

Make sure you don’t mimic your competition:


this is the “concave”,is obvious.

One day of last year i finished a project and i was looking for a name who identify my idea.i wrote “concave” at google…and surprise, climbing shoes.

my idea was diferent,a new concept of step,i made variations for the last in the bottom,changed the shapes of the strobber plant,and also new conept (i guess) of the sockliner,it was really cool but not aproved by direction,we are not Nike or Adidas for spend money in develope your idea,direction words