Rob's Sketchbook

Saw yo’s article on the Core77 homepage and his sketch a day posts.
It was just the push I needed.
Haven’t sketched outside of work for the longest time.
I looked at the Nvidia Shield controller and wished it was designed a bit differently so I had a quick go at it.

Already feeling so much more refreshed after this morning’s first sketch.
Thanks for the encouragement Michael!

Nice! I really like that cutout at the top, the angles are really pleasing. Is this a digital sketch?

Hey Sadie,
Yup, I just use Photoshop.
I really like using the Cintiq for sketching now days.
I thought I’d dust off the Prismacolor pencils today.

The Cintiq line is so cool, but a little bit of a fantasy for me on a college budget. Right now I use an Intuos 5 Pro tablet for digital work. I’ve had it for awhile so using it has become second nature. Do you recommend getting a Cintiq for professional work?

Nice Prisma sketch. Which blues are those? I really like the depth of shadows you’ve gotten with it.

That sort of reminds me of the base of my Ninja blender. I assume it’s some sort of mechanical part?

Good stuff Rob! Keep them coming!

I was scared to call this a sketch-a-day.
But it’s not as intimidating as I thought it’d be.
This is a great way to step away from work and have even more fun with sketching.
Going to aim for one a day!

Some days it is harder than others, but if i don’t think about it too much I can just bust them out.

Getting hard to think of what to sketch next.
Any ideas?

Found some green pencil lead.
Sort of works like a Prismacolor pencil.
Nice not having to constantly sharpen too.

Sadie, sorry I missed your questions!
Yes! The Cintiq is my favorite tool.
I think it helps if you get good at sketching with pen and paper first.
Digital sketching gives you lots of little cheats and it’s tempting to use them too often while you’re still learning.

The prismacolor is Indigo Blue iirc. I forget why but they always made us use that color back in school and now it’s the only one I use

Here’s today’s

Was tough to get started today. Not so bad once I got into it.

No worries, thanks for the insight! I feel like I’m learning a lot at the moment practicing with my Intuos, and at the moment I struggle more with digital sketching than analog. I suppose I’ll figure out some of those little shortcuts at one point or another, but at the moment pencil and paper is challenging enough for me!

In my first drawing class, my prof had us practice building on pentimente with green and purple Prismas. I like blue though because it seems easier to build a wide range of tones. It also reminds me of those neat blueprint drawings

Hit a tough deadline and missed quite a few days of sketching.
Time to get back on the horse.

Any suggestions on what to sketch next?

Really great stuff! Clean and simple style.

Nice sketches…!

Thanks guys!

Forgot to upload yesterdays.
Today I came across these things called egg planes.
Super fun proportions I had a blast with these :laughing:

Will probably try a different style tomorrow.
These past few have all been the same and I’m feeling the need to mix it up.