Robots Robots Robots!

I love robots. I love doodling them, modelling them and rendering them.

Does anyone else love robots? This is a topic for everyone to share their robots/spaceships/sci-fi sketches/techy-guns, models and renderings. I’ve been trying to find people on Coroflot who sketch/model robots, so I can follow them and see more robots, but I find it very hard to simply find images (not portfolios) tagged with robots. So… let’s see them!

Here’s one I modelled in Max for fun


yes robots rule!
that one you have there is dope.
i have some stuff from college, nothing amazing but some cool stuff, maybe ill try and upload them at some point.

You should man. :] I think it’s like a vent for creativity. All day you have to design ‘real’ things… when really it would be fun to design something completely alien.

I look forward to seeing some pictures up here of your work :slight_smile: (and everyone else for that matter!)