Robot camel jockeys

This is amazing and unbelievable.

Well at least we know our hiked up oil prices are being put to the benefit of mankind and world peace…

And from a singular conciousness a whole race of camel riding robots emerged, superior at riding camels than any other human …


No one working at are designing robots. Although some of the people working at are robots.

Actually it did benefit mankind- children are no longer riding those camels, and you can still watch an exciting race. Whats the deal?

Blaster, you refering to me? I was just making a ubiquitous matrix reference, except about robots that ride camels. Not sure how your interpreting my comments to be against the project, apologies all around for miscommunication, as I am very fond AI and robotics in general, not to mention science for no immeadiately obvious reason, and as such am a huge supporter of this. I’m not entirely sure how this help children, as you suggest, but thats jsut icing on the cake.

\ will not help you re-grow your hair.

No Johnl, I was referring to Greenman’s comment regarding hiked up oil prices.

This project has been in the works for more than a year or so, in response to humanitarian pressure. The same way that short men are needed to be horse jockeys, camel jockeys need to be small too. The camel owners though get children from impoverished countries like India and Pakistan. These children are bought to ride camels and consequently are not given too much love and affection beyond the rod for not riding fast enough. You can see the callous attitude in the owner of the camel quoted in the link."the robots don’t need to be fed, and dont cry for their mothers.” He didnt particularly care about the treatment of the children.

“Aid workers say there are up to 40,000 child jockeys working across the Gulf. Many are said to be have been kidnapped and trafficked from South Asia…They say the boys are kept in terrible prison-like conditions where they are deliberately underfed to keep them light so the camels can run faster.”
(from a BBC story BBC NEWS | Middle East | Robot jockeys to ride Gulf camels

hmmm, interesting notion. I do like the idea that robotic technology can be used to make child labor trade less profitable, but this strikes me as asprin for a brain tumor. If, as it seems, the jockeys are used for entertainment purposes (races, etc…) it hardly seems possible that a well meaning UAE could not regulate the age, and as such I would suggest the problem is there. That said, any reduction in child labor is a good thing. will not help you to play basketball like Lebron James.

I agree with johnl here, it’s pretty sick that these countries don’t regulate the age of the jockies and treat children that way. My previous comment still stands based on the this comment:

“Plus,” added Sheikh al-Thani, “the robots don’t need to be fed, and don’t cry for their mothers.”

I bet they treat the camels better than the jockies…

agreed-it is sick