Robert Tonner Dolls

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Does anybody know about the manufacture and production of Tonner dolls.

see link

I presume that they are blow moulded but they appear to have quite a lot of post finishing - is this true. Are they manufcatured in China , States etc? Does anybody have a rough idea what tooling set up might be?
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They are really expensive dolls, so they may actually be made in the US, and they should be handmade… they seem to be low-production vinyl:

I did a little bit of research on Madame Alexander dolls for a school project, on their Alex line, which is sort of a copycat competitor, and I know that there is a Manhattan based factory, w/ factory store that has occaisional sales… Alex dolls seem to be handmade and every face/head of a doll for a limited edition run of anywhere from 150-500 is sculpted by hand or something for the production mold… and then hand painted faces and the eyelashes put on by hand. then the clothes have details that you would never find on a barbie made in Malaysia: they are numbered according to the order of production, jackets have linings, jeans have gold plated pants zippers, nicer wool fabrics for suit jackets, little tiny metal findings for buttons, purses and shoes are never made of plastic- usually fake leather, pantyhose with seams, etc.
The Alexander Doll Company
615 West 131 Street (between Broadway and 12th Avenue)
Subway: 1or 9 to 125th Street (walk uptown on Broadway to 131st and make left turn, walk down hill to middle of block, blue awning on right side)
2nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10027
(212) 283-5900

These are the OEMS to a whole wide weird world of OOAKs-one of a kind dolls that individuals learn to customize into fantasy/lingerie/ extreme fashion dolls and what I’m curious about is: who are the people who create these things???

like this: