Road train 'a coming?

a part of me likes the sound of this and a part of me is scared . .

not very comfortable with the virtual linking thing,
computing malfunction could equate to a crash quite literally :confused:

anyway road train do already exist:

and this one ought to exist :wink:

Wow that second one looks like some kind of Syd Mead Rover / Giant Dumptruck road train… Awesome!

Western US states allow 3 trailer “road trains”.

I thought Mythbusters determined that you don’t really save any gas mileage by tailgating a semi-truck. As official as they are…

I think it would be cool for commuting. If I could drive up to a road train, link on for the 30 miles of highway I have to drive, break off and go to work, I’d probably do it… though it is a bit scary.

There’s nothing natural in being zoomed around at 65mph + We’re just used to it now. I think the same will go for road trains and increasing system engineered transport solutions.

… Maybe it’s the legislative possibilty of having to join one that I dont like the thought of!?