RKS – Mark Twain Had it Right

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” This was the first thing to cross our minds when we read the recent rumor here about RKS supposedly filing bankruptcy. That rumor is completely untrue.

RKS is alive and well. From where we sit, the Southern California design scene is thriving.

camzaman, RKS should definitely be on your short list for internship opportunities. Please use the employment contact form on our website whenever you’re ready to apply.

Barb Mackintosh
Marketing Communications Manager

That’s very good to hear, thanks Barb! I’ll probably apply in the next few weeks.

Thanks again!

Terrific, camzaman. Please say “hi” when you do,



I know that email portfolios are a no-no, but can I send a mailer portfolio in addition to filling out the online form? I think it would permit a better evaluation of me as a designer.

Thanks, and I won’t pester you any more.

If by “mailer” you mean via a hardcopy version of your portfolio sent via postal service of some sort, sure, no problem. Otherwise, if you have a website or can arrange a download via FTP, you can just include that info when you use the form on the website.


do you guys accept high school students for internships? I am very interested in seeing what it is like to work in a design studio, but there don’t seem to be any open to students with minimal training (I have am taking some classes at art center if that counts!)

Glad to hear that everything is well! Was already hoping that the rumors was wrong… Sorry if I caused distress among collegue designers. It was never my intention to spread bad rumors about RKS. My sincere apologies to RKS and all its employees!

RKS Marcom, thanks for the update. Glad to hear things are well at RKS.