Rivian R1T Electric Truck

Oh, no doubt the Rivian is more commercial, will be better accepted by mass if it gets to market (I don’t know anything about the company or the go to market strategy), and is more my personal style if I had to choose between the two.

They are two totally different things though…

Rivian I see more like a start-up doing the same but different hoping to take a tiny bit of market from the big guys. Tesla is more of a disruptor, totally doing their own thing and making their own market definition.


I hear you. Good points. It is just such a departure. Part of the reason the model S was so successful I think is because it was just a good looking sedan. I knew several owners who don’t give 2 shakes about the environment but got Model S’s because they liked the look and thought Tesla was cool. One of them even got solar so he could make a closed loop. So ironically he became a super green person without ever wanting to be a super green person. THAT is an amazing design strategy to me, and one I think Rivian took note of.

Maybe Tesla feels it is just so established that they can do this now? Maybe they couldn’t afford tooling (dollars and or time) so break pressing the material is the only way they can make another vehicle in the time frame that multiple EV trucks come to market? Maybe they just got bored with their own strategy (it happens)?

Is anyone buying a Rivian that doesn’t already have a truck? Will the average truck guy - a middle America Ford-buying steel worker - buy a truck that looks cute, softer, & calmer with a wood dash interior? I dunno. Maybe it’s a way to convince the urban guys’ wife that getting a truck is not that bad…

I was close to buying a Model 3. I’d never buy any kind of truck so maybe I have no idea.

All that being said, the Rivian design is nice, it’s just pretty expected and safe I think.


This. Every time I hear people talking about the Tesla truck I just want to scream at them, “This is not a real car yet!” It’s a funky little art project on top of a sled…like 99% of all concept cars. No interior. No mirrors. Nothing more than a weird-ass skin wrapped around an engineering demo. I really doubt it will ever make it to market in a meaningful way.

Not sure why you say that, they were giving people rides out back. Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup - YouTube

It’s obviously still very pre-production but I assume they accounted for most of the real world constraints. Just because it has horrible design doesn’t mean those horrible designs don’t fall within the parameters for headlight height, pedestrian crash safety etc.

Richard: I grew up in truck country. Some people see an F-150 with leather the way you see a Mercedes or BMW. The Rivian totally fits that demo.

I get that a decked out truck is a luxury item. But isn’t the bigness, toughness and excess all part of the allure? Does a softer, more feminine, refined truck fit that same conspicuous consumption drive?

In other words, I see the Rivian as a great design and pretty much I think what people were expecting from a Tesla. I just don’t know if that buyer of a F-150 wants to A)not buy a Ford. B)Wants a truck that is less truck like.

Rivian made the Blackberry of 2007. Sleeker and better than the other qwerty phones. Tesla made the iPhone, totally breaking the mold of what a phone is.


hmmm, I think Tesla made the Motorola V70…

or the Razr?

better analogy :slight_smile: Super popular and influential for a hot second. This thing is like a rorschach test.

Also both equally sharp and edgy :wink:

Over the Razr’s four-year run, the V3 model sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date.

(so says Wikipedia)


Does a softer, more feminine, refined truck fit that same conspicuous consumption drive?

I don’t know, does it?

Never knew that existed. I guess nobody did. Or cared. Anyhow not that much softer. Just more expensive-er and German-er, really :wink:

Quoting “sources at the automaker,” Automotive News claims Daimler seeks to reduce costs and optimize profits of its business and the X-Class could be one of the first victims of this process. With just 16,700 sales in Europe, Australia, and South Africa last year, the model is way below the expectations and does not generate enough income for the manufacturer. Nothing can be confirmed at the moment but uncertainty surrounding the Renault Nissan Alliance partnership with Daimler could also play a role in the final decision.


I saw that headline too. Very strange they never launched it in the US, as it seems like that would the key market. Also, another interesting case is the Lincoln Blackwood. It only lasted 2 years in the “luxury pickup” market. Perhaps the market for oddball pickups is close to non-existant…not a good omen for Tesla.

Ya, but those are all pretty much the same with different faces. That’s my point.


2010-Dodge-Ram 1500 Quad Cab-front-angle3_6454_089_640x480.jpg

I remember when we were designing a line of speakers for Polk. 5 of us were working in a charrette type design workshop for a couple of days to get an initial bust of ideas after we had done some research and set some price/feature/manufacturing parameters. At one point I noticed my youngest designer at the time get very sullen. I pulled him aside to see what was wrong and he said “everyone else is drawing speakers” (he was drawing these 2 inch triangles that ignored all the parameters) to which I replied “well, we are designing speakers for people who love speakers. We want to give them enough to make them excited about this new line, but not so much that they don’t recognize it as the thing they love”. The resulting line ended up pushing out a competitors line at retail…

I have to imagine designing a pickup truck is a lot like that, similar to designing a shoe. Are you going to put a giant triangle on the wall at Footlocker? It sure would be different… kind of like how these Adidas Kobe 2s were very different.

Man, this convo is so good (but interesting the Tesla discussion is taking over the Rivian one).

That shoe is a good example. It was a WTF when it came out, and I never liked it. It didn’t look like a shoe (I know it was supposed to be styled after a car).

I always tell clients that a good/commerical design should have 3 things “the same” and 3 things “different”. For mass market and most brands/products I think this is true. You can’t be “all new” in most cases or people don’t have any “entry” to the new design.

That being said, there is a time and place for it I think.

I consider the cybertruck and the Rivian different products. I think if the Tesla didn’t call it a truck, and maybe if it wasn’t under a Tesla brand, and maybe different price point it, the design would be interpreted much differently.

Most trucks



or maybe?


Tesla :slight_smile:


Traditional truck. A little piecey but visually comfortable. Loved by the target consumer.


Rivian. More modern and integrated.

Tesla. Completely different!