Rivian R1T Electric Truck

I’m a bit biased here as I know some of the designers, but I was really happy to see some fresh approaches in the pickup space. Going EV gives it some interesting flexibility. An enclosed frunk for example. Some other nice function considerations like the side storage. The DRG and back and are nice and fresh as well.

That looks nice! When I first saw it on another site I immidiately thought that it looked like one of your doodles having gone live.

I wish them well. Hope they get real product to market in time.

Do the vids show a real prototype in the first sequences or is it all CGI?


Everything I see in the first video points to a real prototype. And a very nice one too, thanks for sharing Michael! Not really sure what to make of the second video…

I saw this the other day! They seem to be doing what I wish the big guys were doing. I hope they can deliver, I would love to take a test drive.

If nothing else it’s a great travel promo for Oregon!

Great design. Love the full width lights.

Huge compliment. I’m friends with a few of the designers and the VP of design so maybe my Instagram had some influence :slight_smile: … likely not though, they are all insanely talented.

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If nothing else it’s a great travel promo for Oregon!

LOL I was thinking the same.

The SUV they announced today looks really nice. I wish Jeep was doing stuff like this (BTW the VP of design came from FCA).

Car design news posted some photos from the LA auto show of it on Twitter

Has a slight air of a hunter green Grand Wagoneer about it.
Americana with a future.


Not 100% sure if I’m digging the cartoon “eyes” headlamps, and overall lacks a bit of personality but ya, pretty nice.

Not too dissimilar thinking to the Land Rover Velar, though I think this needs a bit of that refinement. It does have a very traditional LR greenhouse for sure.


Some more shots in motion.

I see a bit of a mash up between Land Rover, Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees, and a heavy CE tech product influence… all in a good way. I think the eyes are definitely polarizing, but I also think that is a good thing! The design is rather clean and I think it helps to have something stick out a bit like that… but we will see if it resonates enough with target buyers.

Agreed. Better to have something people love or hate than meh. My first thought was round eyes better and tried a quick PS. But looked like something missing. (Maybe need to have larger rounds. I just chopped the squircles- need more time to try again). Plain light bar across also not enough for scale… Would be good for sure to see scale and detail IRL to better judge.


Yah, I wish I was at the LA show to check out this stuff in person, but I just couldn’t make it.

This design is a great start for their product. It will definitely appeal to certain parts of the SUV/truck market and is a good in-between of a standard design and a progressive one. I am loving some of the details but the overall design clearly needs more life. It is a sort of business class version of a Citroen with a fallen over Renault logo. The interior is great but could use some more curve as well. I am loving the lighting, that is what makes this car.

Did you see the camp kitchen they just showed for it? Pretty nifty:


Ahhh, a good looking electric truck that is also functional, optimistic, and doesn’t seem to need to have bullet proof glass… I love everything about this thing.


The design is nice, but if I was the designer I’d bet I’d be kicking myself/the boss for playing it safe in the wake of the Tesla truck reveal. It’s such a baby step in terms of design that I would believe it if this was just an aftermarket grille/light set-up for a Chevy.


well, I know the designers of it and they seem pretty confident… we will see which one gets more market share soon enough, or which ones even make it to market. I’d much rather see a bunch of these on the road vs a bunch of overhyped razor blades that use 1910’s manufacturing techniques.

Just my take of course :slight_smile:

Wonder if that Tesla has regulation impact bumpers, crumple zones, and meets pedestrian impact standards? I would assume they would have accounted for that before showing it?