rita sue jobs?

ok, ive been following rita sues website for about a year and it seems most of the postings have been there that long. whats the deal? do people pay to take that long for someone to find a suitable candidate?

Rita Sue was purchased by Aquent. I suggest you contact them: http://www.aquent.com

i haven’t found them to be very helpful. as much as one would like to think that headhunters are your friend, they only take an interest in you if they have a job for you, so don’t be surpised if you don’t hear back.

First of all they are a placement agency not a headhunter. They for work the companies that are looking to fill the positions. Why, 'cause these companies pay them. If you happen to fit one of the openings they will submit your information and do thier best to ‘sell’ you to thier client.

For the past 4 years the job economy had been bad. These placement agencies don’t have a magical long list of jobs. They too are hurting to place people.

And no I don’t work for one of these places… but I don’t waste my time with them in a bad economy. They ain’t got nothin’

i dont use them, i just posted the question out of curiosity. those jobs have been there for a very long time, and i really think whoever is paying them to fill the positions is losing money. i just wondered if that was a common thing to take almost a year to find someone and remove a job posting.

i think some companies just do it to keep track of what’s coming out. they wont hire anyone. it might even be for their hr training, some research on staff, or predicting future possibilities for recruitment.

a lot of these companies hire different recruiters for the same job. so why do you think they do it? to hire a designer when they can find thousands of them even without a recruiter?!

btw don’t worry about companies loosing money unless you’re the CEO!