RIT vs. CMU for New Media vs. communication design

CMU vs. RIT for communication design: HELP

MY daughter got accepted into RIT’s New Media program. She really likes the program and what is offered. She also got accepted into Carnegie Mellon’s Communication Design program. She feels that the CMU program is more print oriented than she wants. She really wants “New Media” or “Digital Design.” However, CMU does have web design courses too, and all projects are done on computer.

She also didn’t like the fact that CMU’s Communication Design program studios are all in the basement of a old building, although there are windows in some studios.

Which one should she pick? Is RIT not known enough to get a good job somewhere? Is the CMU name more than worth it? Does anyone have any experience with either or both of these programs.

Well, firstly, RIT is a good name to have on a resume. And I’m pretty sure, that she’ll have just as good of a job coming out of either place. Both have excellent reputations.

But she has to decide on the program. At CMU, the communication design program is the best comm. design program you can find (pretty much). At RIT, while it’s a great school, it’s much more technical oriented. And plus, the New Media program (correct me if I’m wrong) is just another name for Multimedia… which involves a lot of motion.

So to me, there is a huge jump between New Media, and Comm. Design. If she wants to makes ads, web sites, magazine layouts, logos, and stuff like that, well I’d personally suggest CMU. Because it does focus on interactive design like web sites, and such, as well as print design.

Maybe she should attempt to email some current students who are almost graduation, and see if she likes what kind of work they’ve made, and what they thought of the program themselves.

But it looks to me like she has already made a decision. And really, quite honestly, the school on her resume really won’t matter when it comes down to it. Most employers focus on the portfolio only.