RIT discussion, thoughts

I’m looking for some recent and relevant information about the state of the RIT industrial design, specifically the graduate program if possible. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their typical grad? Are students coming out as prepared/equiped as other reputable programs? What is the level of intellectual discourse?

Hiring managers or recent grads please share you experiences. Thanks!

FYI. I’ve been accepted to RIT, RISD, Pratt, CCA (undergraduate) and IIT. I really wish IIT worked for me, but based on my visit I’ll have to cross it off my list. I am looking for something balanced in terms of making, research and “innovation” thinking, but IIT seems pretty much like a marketing/business mashup that co-opted the word design. I’m coming from an architecture background, so fundamentals and real world skills (business included) are a good thing. Suggestions about my options are welcome.

I am disappointed this topic has no replies. With a Coroflot community of over 700, I would assume some RIT students and Alumni would catch this thread and weigh-in.

I cannot offer insight, but I can tell that I am in the exact same boat that you are. I am currently in the process of making my final decisions about where I will pursue graduate studies for ID. RIT is one of my top choices, I’ve visited and was pleased with the state of the program, the technology labs, shops, and studio spaces.

Hopefully over the next few days yours and my questions will be answered. If you end up at RIT for MFA ID we will most likely be classmates, look me up.