Rise of Design Entrepreneurs?

RCA, Aalto University, Parsens, RSID and more academic institutions are combining design and entrepreneurship in their programs for entrepreneurial design students. Design and innovation consultancies like Fuse, Smart Design are selling their own products and as an example IDEO has started its own incubator program. Large companies are now running their own incubation programs too such as Philips. And more entrepreneurs have degrees or backgrounds in design like AirBnB, Flickr, YouTube…

Is design shifting away from big business towards new business?

Is it a rise of design entrepreneurs or is it a rise in press about design entrepreneurs?

I seem to recall frog developing and marketing stereo components in the 80s/90s? Didn’t get much press back then. If it would have gotten the free publicity of being on Shark Tank, probably would have sold better.

Personally, I love stuff like Kickstarter, Shark Tank, etc. I brought a product to market on my own dime once. While I did only have a very slight monetary profit, it indirectly did wonders for my “regular” career where I have profited greatly.

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To go even further I think it is due to a rise in design graduates. So many new programs have opened and old programs have greatly expanded. Not all of these students are getting design jobs… some are becoming successful outside of design.