RISD woodshop

Anyone have some pictures of RISD woodshop? Is it the best among all the furniture programs? I am just admitted to this Furniture MFA program but I am not in US and can not make a visit so far…it is very hard. I appreciate your help if you can provide some information or experience about their MFA program. I need your help to reach my final decision. Thank you!

when I visited RISD 6 years ago I was VERY impressed by the shop
facilities. I’ll dig around and see if I can’t find some pics for you
when I get back to my computer.

Thank you so much! and I am looking forward to looking at them.

There was a pic in an older issue of ID mag a while back. It was impressive back when I was there 10 yrs ago, I couldn’t imagine it not being insane now, especially with all of the money that they constantly put into upgrading facilities, etc… Risd’s always been good on that, they keep the facilities stocked for what people do there.