RISD vs Art Center

Hi everyone. Recently I had been accepted into both RISD and Art Center undergrad for Graphic Design. Both have given me a good financial package and I can attend both schools financially. However I am having a hard time committing to one. I would just like to know if anyones experience with the schools in the graphic design major. Thank you!

Both are good GD programs. When you graduate, do you want to live on the East Coast or the West?

Thanks for the reply! I definately am leaning towards the East Coast. Im assuming this means that I should choose RISD? Does that mean getting a job on the East being from RISD instead of Art Center would be easier because they are more familiar with RISD? This would definately be an important factor.

To over generalize, yes. For example, at Nike, there were lots of Art Center grads (West Coast). At Converse, there were more RISD grads (East Coast). Where you go to school influences where your internships might be which in turn influences where your future job might be.

Not everyone, I know plenty of designers, including myself who have worked all over… but my first job happened to be 2 hours from RISD…