I heard that RISD has shoe design class, anybody has info for this?

It is not a regular thing. In the past it was sponsered by Timberland. I think currently it is done in conjunction with PF Flyers. If you go to their website you will find some student examples from the class:


i took that class actually…was okay…had to design shoes for college students in year 2020…

i took the timberland class as well. after a slow start, i actually found it to be very informative and useful. in comparison to other risd classes it focused more on the actual process start to finish, and therefore i found it to be one of the best ID classes i was in. i heard a lot of companies that complain that risd grads only have furniture design in its portfolio, and not enough conceptual development, sketching etc. I find this to be true. anyways, i also think you make the most out of your experience.