RISD Portfolio Question - Define "Medium"

I’m applying to RISD’s MID program for grad school. The portfolio requirements include making a description sheet detailing the size and medium of each work.

My question is, if the work is only a concept, and the work submitted is a rendering, what do you put down as the “medium” and size of the work? I emailed RISD this quesiton already, but no response. :frowning:

Thanks so much for your help!

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As an Art school, the application is generalizing when asking what materials were the projects made from. “Computer Rendering” should describe the image sufficiently


The last entry on this page basically says that they will accept most anything that includes images and text. I called them to confirm this, as my portfolio is in book format. I was told by the admissions department to go by whatever is on the ID site because they have “recently changed their portfolio requirements” or something to that effect.

Good luck to you!

Thanks so, so much for your help!

I was looking at this page (http://www.risd.edu/Admissions/Apply/Graduates/) – which states it has to be on a CD. I think the book format is much better and will submit my original PDF instead. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!