RISD or Bust

Hey Guys, I’m an Industrial Designer from Colombia.

I have been accepted in to the Grad program at RISD starting this fall. But I am really having a problem getting the money to pay for the whole thing, it is really expensive. I have been to the school (for an interview) and thought it was amazing and I really like their theoretical approach to design.

(This post is supposed to be a question, but really is an exhaust valve)

So my problem is that I will have to get a loan for 40k dollars, which is a whole lot of money, and I have no idea when will I be able to pay for it. Would I be getting in over my head? I have no idea how much a designer could earn in the USA.

I really want to attend, it is not very often that a Colombian Designer gets such an opportunity, but I am also trying to keep a leveled head.

So I dont know if this post leaves an opening for discussion, but at least I got it out of my system, it is easier to think about your problems once they are written infront of you. (I dont even know how these forums work, I hope im not doing something wrong).



for what it’s worth, the only person I went there with who didn’t go into default on thier loans had a trust fund…

yeah, just save your money. its more of a place to kill time then further your design career. undergrad is very different