anybody heard from the MID -RISD dept as yet?

when do they usually start sending their final acceptances??

the grad admissions page on the website says that letters will go out on or before march 24. yesterday…

got my fill in the blanks stamped rejection letter from RISD MID today.

i could try and be eloquent and think of it as a meaningful moment turning me towards something greater or at least more fitting for me, BUT right now i could sum it up in two words: this sucks.

Don’t let it get to you, they keep the numbers small on purpose so it could have easily been because of that. Add in what people that applied may have already had inside connections and there you have it. Don’t think that it necessarily reflects on your skills. I’ve seen people fly through undergrad with straight a’s who shouldn’t be trusted around a sharp stick by themselves just because their parents were one of the biggest contributors to the school.
Just try again next year if you still want it. Or let it push you to something better, YOU are the key variable in the equation, school is just a set of circumstances for you to react to in your path of being who you will be. Good luck to you.

well put skinny

Thanks Skinny.

I have not heard from RISD since my interview that they requested 2 weeks ago. If letters went out, i did not receive one either way. Here’s the thing though. Throughout the whole process i have just been sacking the money away either for school (not tuition, that would be a drop in the bucket) or to start my own tiny production (furniture) studio. So if i don’t get in, it won’t be quite so hard of a hit. Mabey this would help you. mabey it is depressing. I don’t know.

The letters have been sent out.


does that means not accepted if I never be asked for an interview?
Or should I just wait the mail?