RISD MID interview

i am a bit nervous about the interview for MID RISD …could anyone please tell me a bit more about it?

also what is the ususal volley of questions?

would really appreciate it…


I am in the same situation.
When did you sent your application?

around the 19 th of JAN …
do you have any info on the feelers for the interview??

if you want to ask me anything pls do

do they interview everyone that passes through round 1?

even if you visited already and spoke to them (not formal)?

yeah i guess so because they have called almost 100 prospective students for the interview and the no of seats are round about 9 …so i guess it will be really fine.

about the other part …i don’t have much knowledge about it.

have you met any students in person (MID Program) what is their take on it?

and which are the other school you have applied to ?

i wonder if I didn’t got the notice of round 1…
does that mean that I lose the chance of their admission?

i really don’t now about it…
i did get a call but i requested for a telephonic interview …and that was the last i ever heard …still waiting for that call .

can anyone please tell me …what should this imply…a change of mind?
am i rejected now??