RISD call

I got alot of calls this week and 2 days notice to come in tomorrow to meet the associate professor of the MID program. Has anyone else done this quite recently. I’m taking a bus on Sunday. It’s all rather rushed! Not what i expected, but very exciting nontheless. Any comments would be super!!

who is the instructor?

Lorna Ross, do you know her?

if memory serves me correctly she is has been there about 1 1/2 years now, teaches on master’s level only. really interested woman, passionate, irish, worked for motorola??? and a few other places i am blanking on. very interested in user interaction. mentioned that ideal candidate would know exactly what they wanted to focus on from the get go (i remember this because as someone without an ID background and wanting to have that extra year of 3 year program, i didn’t feel that i knew the materials well enough to hit the ground running, feel like i fit that criteria, or would gain enough knowledge in 2 years).

if that helps at all…

i was wondering when they decide on furniture design masters students … and if they have already selected them?

I got the feeling that that had not been decided yet.

soooooo. how did it go?

I think it went really well. I drove there on 2 hrs. sleep and i think i managed to make a good impression. They certainly did!! The two ladies that interviewed me were really sweet and super impressive. I met two students in the program. They were both working on a samples type project, and i thought thir experiments were great. I saw some impressive glass work and furniture. the wood studio is SWELL. I did not get to see the metal facilities, but i haer there big too. There are no 3-D printers on campus. They send the Z-prints out.

so does RISD call you if they are looking at you for a perspective student?

yes, that’s the feeling that i got.