RISD acceptance

Today i received my acceptance letter from RISD for the MID program. Has anyone else on this forum gotten one? If so, are you accepting? The deadline is really soon! April 15.

congratulations! april 15 does not give you much time, particularly if you are still waiting to hear from pratt! go visit- i’m sure they will let you attend crits and meet current grads so you can really see for yourself if the people/philosophy/tools are right for you.

yes, have you chosen a graduate program?

waiting to hear from pratt, turned down from risd. (pratt was my first choice, so i’m still keeping my fingers crossed)

hi there. got an acceptance from risd as well. still having problems deciding. to those who seriously considered the school, what are your thoughts? and where else are you considering??

some people RISD MID alumni/students write in??