RIP Skymall...Favorite Skymall Products?

As you may have heard, Skymall announced bankruptcy today

What are your favorite Skymall products? Why? We will try to round up some of our favorites for a post on C77. Thanks!

This thing takes the cake:

Can you imagine using this? Where does it go when you aren’t sleeping?!?

You never know when you’re going to need a zombie crawling out of your begonias.

That giant pillow is awesome. I imagine another sky mall product being a bag to carry your “SkyRest”… tired of crying you SkyRest around? The new patent pending SkyRest carry bag is what you need…

Surely it has to be inflatable?

Sad day…

I will see your Zombie Cyber and raise you the livesize Sasquatch

Sad day indeed, but I love this thread idea !

I’m no doctor but that cant be good for you :

I also saw this usefull one back in march:

I saw VariDesk’s Pro in Skymall on a flight to earlier in the summer, but didn’t order it from Skymall. I did however investigate Varidesk’s complete product line and ordered a Pro Plus yesterday. I’ll let you know how it turns out; from what I’ve read it works well. I’m sitting way too much all day, this should help.

Oh, my Deepest Sympathies to the Skymall family. If I’d just bought this from them maybe we wouldn’t be having is discussion.