Anyone seen the new portable gaming system by sony- I think it looks amazing and have to see it to believe it. I am really impressed by its graphics and what they can do with such a small device that can output so much-as far as graphics and clearity. I want to get one-will start saving now, The only thing is that it can’t play old games-It has cd that can hold alot more information-and I guess they will be having movies coming out in this format also- Its a look into the future-But I would now personally liek it if it played cd’s/ dvd’s/ old ps games-would make it more affordible-

I have heard it will be out march 25,

I am wondering what this will do to the world of portible gaming-somethig i am not too big on-( have a gameboy advance sp-never really play) But one thing that is good about the sp is that it folds up-helping keep the screen stay scratch fre-and also the size is perfect for a pocket and quick use- i am wondering how this will be in the psp-??

What are peoples reactions to the design-the console-its effect on our lives-maybe the next i-pod in context to gamers----

some pics –


does this mean I can play GT4 at my girlfreinds house :open_mouth:

Looks like a fine sony product, does the gameboy have a wide-screen display like that?

this is what nintendo is doing- I dont think it was very impressive. i didn’t like the double screen that much-would have much rather had a larger screen ontop- I think they have too much space ontop-I just dont know why they didnt make use of it-the screen size isnt even that much bigger than a gamboy advance- so I think they mes up on that-

here’s a pic-

psp is definitely a sexy product especially next to the ninetindo ds…but nintendo’s customerbase are hardcore gamers so i do not really see gameboy’s going away.

the 2 screen thing on the ds seems like a gimmick moreso than the sony gaming device that does other things (play movies, music, talk of a web browser & phone functions being added later).

i think the psp is going to appeal to us college-age students as well as the younger folk and even a few of those older than that 18-35 group, if it had more memory it would definetly be an ipod killer, even without it i still good competition for the $250 value pack price.

that is what is depressing about the nintendo ds it had the potential to rwach more people with its capabilities but the look of it imo just is not appealing.

I adore my DS…yeah, I agree it looks kind of…umm…shitty? It’s a tad too bulky visually, and some of the detailing definitely made me raise my eyebrow…it’s odd, and it’s not exactly the prettiest, slickest device. But ergonomically it works out wonderfully, and I have very small hands, too. It’s not as bulky as it looks.

I strongly disagree that double screen and using touch screen and a stylus to play is gimmicky. But that’s me…and I’m a big Nintendo fan, so i’m quite biased.

Have you played warioware touched? Try it out…it almost made me weep, it was soooo good. You might change your opinion about the gimmickness of ds after that…or not. Again, I’m too much of a fan.

I think the nintendo -GameBoy Advance is the best hand held game system by nintendo-its so compact-the screen size is great-its very simple in design but has all the things that you need-and teh screen lights up=one thing that has killed the gameboy-u always needed tht lamp-but not now-I really think it was great. an then DS-what happend. i am also a nintendo fan-super mario brothers on super nes-is one of my favorite games-and also on old skwel nintendo-the game guantlet-best game ever-there must be 100000000 levels-

but i think sony grabbed the upper hand we will see though-just like nintendo 64-ps2 came and killed that. but golden eye and marios rpg were good on nintendo 64- i am not the biggest gamer-but my brother was i kinda just watched-and he started talking shyt then we played golden eye-or nba showtime–miss those days–

anyways- glad to have some comments-100 views an 3 posts–thats not bad riight??haha

i have not realy played the ds but a friend of mine, who is probably the biggest nintedo fanboy i have ever come across and loathes sony, has one and he admitted that the 2 screen thing is was a gimmick because they (nintendo) have another device that is suposedly the “real” competition to the psp.

the thing that makes me feel that way is the fact that you do not have to use the touch screen to play most of the games for it—the functionality is not really supported by the games out right now maybe that will change…

no…there’re games that were designed to utilize 2 screens to its fullest. WarioWare touched is played mainly with the stylus…and it as natural as doodling…i personally cannot wait for Animal Crossing to come out for DS…yep.

I think if you go to any place that sells video games for DS, right now they most likely will have warioware try out. check it out…it’s lots of fun, I had to drag out my skeptical friends from toys’r’us, they loved it.

I see ds as an experiment exploring our gaming habits…it’s changing mine for sure. I hope they will keep up with it. It’s seriously so much more fun than pushing buttons…Now if there was a way to use it as a diary, that something I’d definitely add to ds…right now you can write/doodle when you’re chatting with people, there’s a calendar…clock and such, but I wish there was a way to save my writing, plan events ahead, maybe…
I can keep two games in it at the same time, a ds one and a gba one…I wish they made some add on that would make ds more like a pda, something that could be inserted in gba slot or something…

i try it out when i go pick up my psp. i read that the next generation nintendo console will be using this pda type of input instead of controllers. risky…

junglebro-when you think you gonna pick it up? are you on the list? i heard that toys r us has a good deal on a pack-so you get 5 games too-but like 5oo bucks–but let me know what you think- I want to pick it up but i just recently picked up some designer dress shoes for meetings-and killed the pocket-so saving up-I really want it tho- what game do you think you will get? I want the nba live, and streets-and metal gear.

prolly on the 24th, i have it reserved—it supposedly is going to come with a sample disk that may be playable & spiderman 2 the movie. as for games??? i can’t front i can not really afford this thing but the sony hype machine has got me, so it may be a minute before i get any games especially at $50 a pop. but the games of my wish list:

ridge racer
nba street
dynasty warriors
gt4(when it drops)
gta(when it drops)
midnight club 3
final fantasy 7:advent children(when it drops
[movie- i been waiting to see this for the better part of 2 years])