rigid foam spray

does anyone know of a spray material (like polyeurethene) that can be sprayed onto a soft/wireframe form (such as chicken wire or an umbrella) and then expand to become rigid? ideally this would be an organic material that can breakdown after a certain timeframe.


I know that “great stuff” does this. It’s an insulation foam in a can you can get at any hardware store. It tends to look “blobby” though and I’ve never tried to sculpt it.

I tried Great Stuff before,
and there’s a mountain of it on some chicken wire,
but it’s not RIGID. it’s smooshy. kind of like NURF balls.
I too have been keeping an eye out for expandable foam that goes rigid.

2 things that didn’t work for me, but might for you:

REN foam (like renshape, cibatool) foam that sets to be of a renshape consistancy. (too expensive for my application)

Urethane foam. Basically, urethane with a foaming agent. (www.alumilite.com).

Also maybe try no chicken-wire, but Fiberglass? it’s more dense, yet very flexible.