Right to repair

This subject has been around for awhile; the astro-turfing period is over and now appears to be gaining steam in strategy groups and mainstream media.

Anyone else considering this into their design processes going forward?

Mild humblebrag but I’ve worked this into design processes and proposals since I was in college. I showed a deconstructed CD player concept held together with bolts and screws, and got heckled out of the room at the IDSA Student Merit awards. (edit: I will concede it looked like a pile of loose electronics parts)

Our current generation of fitness consoles just lost the ability to stream Netflix. Netflix decided to stop supporting a certain generation of Android hardware, which is in our current consoles. No warning given. There’s no way to recover, no hardware upgrades we can do to make Netflix work again. A lot of things run on ‘partnerships’ so there also needs to be a shared commitment to R2R for many consumer electronics to transcend the cradle-to-grave cycle.