Right sketch pad I am looking for? Help a virtual bro out!

Back in the days we used to work up car and product concept drawings using LETRASET pads. I am not talking about the final rendering marker pads but the pads which you would sketch a car/product concept on and then re-trace it again and again to further refine the design. The paper was good for sketching with ink pen, coloured pencil, ball point pen and even for basic marker application. You could clearly see your underlay sketch.

I have tried buying something similar in the country I am in right now. The paper in the local art shops is either too opaque and the underlying sketch is not visible OR the paper is transparent but very sand texturey in nature and not good for ID type of sketching.

So I am going to order the pads online from Letraset UK. I am buying quiet a few so want to be sure. Help a brother out and tell me which out of these two is what I am looking for?


Highly transparent and smooth this high quality tracing paper is ideal for tracing and drawing in pens and pencil. Available in light weight (60gsm) and medium weight (90gsm) versions



Was it this one?

Combining excellent bleed resistence with good show through, this paper is ideal for intermediate design stages.



No one sketches any more? :bulb: :smiling_imp:

Try Graphics 360

Yo Yo :smiley: Thanks for the link but I am in Central Europe so customs + shipping will slap me hard. I might still buy it though.

Should I assume that you use that particular pad as well? It says it’s translucent so in your experience if I put a sketch similar to the one attached as underlay then I will be able to see it clearly? I mean all the lines and details?

yes, it is similar to some of the old Letraset papers. Translucent, very smooth, and takes marker well. It is what I sketch on.

another alternative- good quality laser printer paper i find. much cheaper than the letraset pads, available everywhere and the bond quality is usually good for markers (although the tooth is a bit smooth for chalk/pastel/pencil crayon type rendering). you can also usually get different weights that will give you different degrees of opacity.

its all i use.


Laser print paper is cool to sketch on, the only problem being U can’t use it for overlays. And Ur right it practically doesn’t cost anything, and U can find it anywhere.

I’m using the A4 Marker pads, and find they have a nice white though not super bright color. They are also see through enough for overlays.
I also use a Parchment tracing paper, when the going gets rough


I use paper from
Schoellershammer (marker and sketching paper from germany)

Did you try an art-supply store yet?


Yes, I’d also vote for the Graphics 360. If you had to choose the Letraset though then go for the layout pad. In my ID classes I think almost every student has tried both, and multiple versions of the Letraset. Now of course it comes down to personal preference, but for the most part people preferred the Graphics 360 over the Letraset. Ha, I don’t mean to bring up more issues but both graphics 360 and Letraset behaved differently depending on what was being drawn. Copic marker vs. Prismacolors, HiTec C vs. Micron, etc… (mind that I’m an I.D. product design student and not professional yet, but still…)

Truthfully, what I did for myself to solve the dilemma (earlier this school year) was bought 1 of each and used them on an everyday basis, switching on and off. For me, Graphics 360 was better…

Hope that helps?

Thanks for the posts EVERYONE!

My BIGGEST deciding factor is “see through ness/ translucency”. Marker application is secondary as I only do VERY basic marker application these days. Proper colouring gets done digitally.

Did you try an art-supply store yet?

Yes all the major and minor ones. The marker paper here is too thick and not that see through. I have to keep pressing the paper :smiley:

LeedyBC any comment on the see through ness comparison between the 360 and letraset ones?

The site Yo recommended gives 33% off if I buy 12 of them :blush:

Could you give me exact name of the pad?

To me, they were pretty much the same, but that was with the graphic 360 and the letraset bleed proof marker pads… it really depends on the weight of the letra, they make thinner ones like you showed… but for my class, few ended up on either the letraset marker pad and most ended up with the graphics 360… i wish i could help more, i mean it truly is a matter of personal preference, if you draw lightly you may want one over the other, if you use certain pencils it can all change, too bad there isnt an art store that would let you test them…haha that would be awesome…

hope that also helps… wish i could help more!


Thinking out loud so I can be decisive plus to help anyone in the same boat as me :laughing:

Local brands that I have bought and used first hand-

Pad 1- Hahnemühle Layout block- >75gm/35lb
Link- Papier „Made in Germany“ seit 1584 – HAHNEMÜHLE – Offizielle Webseite
Their comment- NA
My Comment- Average see throughness. 6/10 for see throughness.

Pad 2- Vang Layout Markerblock–> 75gm/35lb
Link- http://www.kuenstlershop24.de/static/WGR_TECHBASTBLOE/11166121872520/1122220930660.html
Their comment- NA
My Comment- Average see throughness. 6/10 for see throughness.

Pads I can buy online only but have no first hand experience or physical access to-

Pad 3- Copic–> 70gm
Link- Copic Alcohol Marker Pads | BLICK Art Materials
Their comment- Developed in Europe, the layout paper in these alcohol-marker pads is so thin that you can trace images through each sheet.
My comment- Their description sounds very good “is so thin that you can trace images through each sheet” but at 70gm it probably is only slightly better than Pad1 and Pad2.

Pad 4- Lettraset–> 60gm/
Link- http://www.letraset.com/design/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=75&cat=Layout+Marker+Pads
Their comment- Combining excellent bleed resistance with good show through, this paper is ideal for intermediate design stages.
My Comment- I assume it will be more see through compared to Pad1. Pad 2 and Pad 3 due to being 60gm instead of 75gm.

Pad 5- Schoellershammer–> 75gm
Link- http://www.gerstaecker.at/SCHOELLERSHAMMERMarkerblock-buromaterial.htm
Their comments- NA
My comment- Again at 75gm they are probably not that see through.

Pad 6- Bienfang 360 is 50 gsm
Link- Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker Paper | BLICK Art Materials
Their comment- Graphics 360 is a 100% rag, non-bleeding, translucent marker paper.
My comment- Seems like the winner if my uneducated guess that less weight = more see throughness holds true. Plus most recommended by you lot.


  • Copic’s description sounds the best plus I can buy it online locally but at 70gms I have my doubts. Unless the process by which the paper is made has more effect on see throughness rather than actual paper weight.

  • Lettraset at 60gms, decent description plus good personal experience during my UK university days makes it a tempting buy…but strong British Pound £…

WINNER-Long live the weak US dollar $
15 x Bienfang 360 here I come :laughing: