Right materials?

If you are new to design, are working with a factory that cannot suggest a material, are launching your first product, and want to go it on your own, then plastic is most likely the material you are looking for. All other materials require more effort, knowledge. experience to pull off. Ceramics, wood, glass, metals.

Having said that, there is much much more involved than picking a material and a price point.

I just wanted to make a note that even when I’ve specified specific materials for a project, sometimes a factory (and their designers/engineers/salespeople) would suggest a different material based on their experience. I’ve come to trust manufacturers through this kind of exchange and sometimes measure their knowledge and skills based on whether they provide this kind of input. I would suggest you speak to a range of manufacturers to get input on suggested materials. Otherwise, as nxakt said, plastic, unless you’re willing to hire an experienced designer/engineer to go over your project and assess the material make-up.