Ride on, baby! - New contest by Chicco

Ride on, baby!

Chicco is searching for innovation among ride-on toys, to help babies and kids
develop their sense of movement and their physical skills. What we are looking for is
a 360° exploration in the world of movement related to this category of products.

Link to the contest: http://des.al/RideOnBaby

Deadline: 3rd September 2014
Award: € 2000
License fee: €1500 - €2500

Participation to the contest is free and open to all, without any territorial limits.

This site is not an avenue to advertise your platform. This forum is a place for design professionals, design students, and aspiring designers to gather, discuss, and share.

An experienced designer doing a project like the above would be contacted to work for $30,000-$1000,000+, which is logical as a successfully product in the marketplace would earn the client company millions of dollars in revenue.

It seems like your platform and it’s sponsors vastly undermines the real value of design. Any further posts that are similar to the above will result in a banned account.

Dear yo, we are sorry you think our platform undermines the real value of design. In fact, we truly believe in Open Innovation, gathering resources and skills from a world-wide community of talents. Which means that the creative process is constantly developing giving the chance to the participants to interact with each other and create innovative ideas, born from the constant exchange of ideas among all.
However, we do accept your decision as an admin. If we’re not welcome here, we won’t publish any further opportunity.
Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards

yo - Isn’t this a design competition, submitted under the ‘Design Events and Competitions’ forum sub-heading? Is the sticking point that the prize money is not in-line with the potential profit to the sponsoring company?

Slippy, if Chicco posted a competition for young designers or students that would be fine, but this is a platform devoted to this that posted 4 competitions consecutively. They aren’t calling it a competition, this is an open source innovation platform which is code for spec work with little reward at the end.

Could be a portfolio builder for a student or young designer, but anyone else should be very leery, especially the client who probably thinks they will be getting awesome work for €2,500 plus whatever the platform’s fee is.

In this case open innovation seems to be a euphemism for a lot of people contributing work and very few people getting a small sum of money not in line with the scope of the project. To do this project right it would take 400 hours. Divide the prize and that equals €6.25 per hour… For the winner. All those losers get nothing.

Now that kind of payment and odds is going to ensure that no qualified designer will submit. Meaning Chicco will get low quality ideas while they have been promised “open innovation”

So the designer gets little money, Chicco gets bad ideas, but I’m sure the platform collects a fee either way.

Aha, I get it. Not being an independent design entity (IDSA, Red Dot etc) makes it weird also.

The Taiwan International Bicycle Design Competition - a gold mine for good and bad ideas - had a prize purse of over a million NT, and first prize got somewhere around $11K US. Its sponsored by a group called ‘Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center’, which I’m guessing is some sort of trade group. Given that any good bicycle ideas would eventually get knocked off in Asia anyway, attempting to win some relatively decent cash might be worth the effort to enter.