Rhino variable edge fillet question

In Rhino
Say for instance you have the front of a keyboard and it has a .25" radius fillet on the edge and then on the back it has a .5" radius fillet. Is there any way to create an edge fillet that blends the .25" to the .5" on the side of the keyboard?

I know you can do it in solidworks but what about Rhino?

I’m running the mac beta so it might be in a different spot but if you go under the same menu that has the Boolean Union tool, and there is one called “Variable Radius Fillet.” The icon for it looks like a box with a radii on one side.


go about halfway down the page and there are a couple different videos that show the variable fillet

I would model it…

Sweep over 2 curves or curve network should do it.


I would probably agree with Atohms, I typically give rhino a chance to do my fillets and end up building them all manually, especially any with variable radii.

Why do you have to build those manually?
does the Variable fillet work pretty good smoothly transitioning across multiple surfaces?

ahhh figured it out, thanks for the help. Had to take it into solid works to get it to work. Was attempting to pull a variable edge fillet around some tight radii.