Rhino V4, Viewport rendering problem in Rhino v4

Hey I hope someone out there can help me on this one. I’ve got a file in Rhino V4 where the render/cameras settings seem to be jacked up.

I can view the model in wireframe in all 4 viewports. However If try to render or shade in the ortho view ports the model turns hidden. The only viewport without the issue is the perspective viewport where i can render,shade etc…

I don’t think the file had this problem before and I may have triggered a setting without realizing. Anyone else have the same problem or know of a workaround???

never had that problem, but to work around i would try changing the projections in the perspective viewport to paralell and try rendering your Ortho views from that viewport.

i think its like VIEW → VIEWPORT PROPERTIES… somewhere in there

If the above suggestion doesn’t work - try posting on the Rhino usergroup site.

Always lots of helpful and knowledagble people there - Including Rhino staffers.