Rhino user in studio /consultant

Hi, we are planning to get rhino for our studio due to its low cost compare to Alias, but is it worth the downside? our client is mostly consumer products with some boat design.
How many are who work in studio/consultant use rhino and have you find yourself in " I wish this was alias" moment?
Thanks for the answers

I worked in a studio where I used Rhino and another designer used Alias. Except for a vew visualization options, Rhino was equal to Alias in most everything we did (aftermarket motorcycle parts, consumer products). With some plugins (relatively cheap), Rhino has surfacing abilities comparable to or exceeding Alias - and even with the cost of the plugins, it’ll still be cheaper.

Alias has kind of been relegated to the scrap heap by Autodesk; it doesn’t get as much developmental support. I’d say the better bet for you would be Rhino.

Rhino is very capable. There are highly technical surfacing reasons why I still prefer Alias, but for basic consumer products and boat design (Which is one market Rhino was originally developed for) then I think you’d be fine either way.

If you’re the kind of person who has ever found yourself staring at curvature combs and curve analysis tools to try and get a surface perfect, then Alias is worth the investment. But if not, Rhino does 95% of the same stuff for less than 5% the cost (comparing surface studio since Alias Design base software misses a lot of critical features that make it valuable IMO)

Ditto the comments above - we use Rhino in the studio for development work, visuals and early protos. We then move to SW for high level protos and production work but small projects with no proper CAD budgets could stick with Rhino all the way through and be OK.