Rhino Units

When I start up rhino, the model space is set up for mm. I have to hit file new and click inches. I forget to do it a lot and its annoying. I cant seem to find the preference to have rhino start in Inches.

Where can I change this?

Yes, when you go to start a new file and pick a template there’s a checkbox that says “use this file when Rhino starts.” You can also switch your units on-the-fly in the document properties.

thanks a lot

file properties
under document properties select units
change to the units you want.
Normally Rhino will ask you if you want to scale the model units or leave the model the same size.
if you have started a document in the wrong units, you can use this to switch them.

i know this, i was questioning the “default” units, but thanks anyway. Problem is solved thanks to JimC5