Rhino Tutorial:Lacrosse Stick

Its not very polished, but I thought it would be more helpful to have a more real-time walk-through of modeling and sketching

I am still in the process of actually designing the crosse, so I have posted underlays and sketches on my blog if anyone is interested in pitching a concept or two.
Comments appreciated as I am still in the process of making the videos. Not sure if the stuff is boring and need some classier editing or not. It is easy to do straight screen captures with CamStudio (free opensource capture software) but I dont have much editing capabilities.

I really need to start using Rhino, so I’m totally interested in checking this out. Now, I have to find the time necessary to sit down with it.

Thanks for the effort,


Thanks for the tut, always appreciated.

You are welcome-I am chugging along. Added part of a sketch session.