Rhino to PRO-E (Wildfire 3)

Is there a good way other than step or iges to bring Rhino files into Wildfire3? The desinger I’m working with from Italy says that there is a new utilty to import the *.3dm files from Rhino to Wildfire. I havn’t seen anything yet, and PTC says there is nothing. Does anybody know? Thanks for any info.

I was forwarded this from the Rhino folks, but I haven’t used it yet:


Let us know how it works!

Here’s the latest press release from ptc:


This GRANITE based, import-only processor is introduced for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 (M140) as a free download. The plug-in is included in the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 (M010 and later) installation.

Interface for Rhino in Pro/ENGINEER allows Pro/ENGINEER users to import data directly from native Rhinoceros version 1.0 through 4.0 files. This processor imports boundary representation surfaces, facet data, curves, and colors from *.3dm files.


  • Import native files from Rhinoceros versions 1.0 through 4.0
  • Import datum curves, colors, boundary representation data and facet data
  • Create separate import and facet features for boundary representation and facet data respectively within a single Pro/ENGINEER part
  • Interpret Rhinoceros layers to create a flat Pro/ENGINEER assembly structure with individual parts for each Rhinoceros layer


  • Increased efficiency over neutral format (STEP, IGES) translation
  • Represent Rhino data as a Pro/ENGINEER flat assembly structure
  • Edit imported facet and boundary representation data independently, within the same part

Thanks. Our admin. is downloading M140 of WF# now. I put a call into PTC, and i would have thought that they would have mentioned it. YA, RIGHT.

Ok, we downloaded the correct date code. i tried to pull up a 39mb rhino file, all I get is basicly a blank pro-e part, no geometry, nothing. Is there anything special I need to be doing? From what I could find, it should be a simple FILE/OPEN, select rhino file type, select file, and open. Are there any instructions/help files availble? The pdf file in the link says there are, but I cannot find them on PTC’s web page. Thanks for any helpl.

I have never used it. Based on what you’re saying, I would be checking all the layers and ensuring everything is on. Check units. Not having played with it, are there import settings to fiddle with?

You know…go through all the basics.

You can always try PTC again :wink:

It had been on the ptc website, but somehow was removed. It should be back on now. It turns out, I had a bad rhino file, (some bad geom. in the file and it would not convert) I had my designer break individual pieces out, and most of those came thru, but the one suspect part did not. In reality, STEP worked better. Some of the parts came thru from the granite/rhino converter and they turned out as surface models. Those same files brought thru in STEP, converted to solids. Moral of the story at this point, use step. cleaner models, if they have problem surface patchs, they still come thru and are easily rebuilt.

I for one would appreciate it if you would forward your problems on to PTC and/or McNeel. They won’t be able to improve the import w/o this kind of feedback. Send them a quick email with your file and let them know the problems you had.

Otherwise, they will never know that anything is wrong.

Done allready. They have the files, that is also how they figured out that the Rhino downloadable converter was not showing up on the web site. We have it worked thru.