Rhino to hypershot

When I open models in hypershot that were made in rhino I am unable to set more then one material. Whatever material I select the whole thing will become that. Is this an error with hypershot (need plugin?) or with rhino, or with me making it not correctly?

I have never actually used the program, but as I understand it, you have to create a separate layer in rhino for each material in hypershot, and ofcourse put all the objects you want to be X (shiny chrome) on layer 1 etc.

try that

IDiot is correct.

Each material needs it’s own layer.
You will also want to set your decals in Rhino prior to opening in HS.
Lastly… I find that occasionally HS doesn’t like all Rhino surfaces so …prior to saving I “turn all layers on”, select what I am intending to render… “convert to polygons” and then “export selected as”
I generally end up with a Rhino file that is the Nurbs master and a second file that is just the polygons.
Seems tedious… but works.

In SolidWORKS the only way to do that is applying different colors to the surfaces. Do that and each surface will get a different identifier and so you can put wherever material you want in Hypershot.

If you assign colors to the geometry in rhino that also works well. Hypershot is wicked fast. Enjoy…

If you need to change something in your Rhino model, what do you do?

That is the rub cg, you need to change it in rhino and bring it back into hypershot. At least that is what I was doing when I had the demo version. But it is so fast and simple to use it didn’t seam like to big of a pain in the a55. also I was not doing anything that was to complex.

I would say after using the software it is great for quickies to sell concepts, but for final concepts that are changing all the time it may not be the best option. Also since the program is so “stupid simple” you do not have the control need to generate true photo realistic images. Again great for quickies but not great for photo realistic images for print.

Thank You everybody, I’ll try all that out and get it sorted.

I like how hypershot is way simple and easy to use. If you really get down to messing with all the settings and all that you can get nice stuff for print, it will not be huge however (well not with my version at 300dpi).