Rhino to Autodesk Viz5 with IGES - issues

Does anybody know which settings to use in Rhino when exporting models to Autodesk Viz5 with IGES? No matter what I do, all models come as one single unexplodable piece rather than individual selectable parts.

I know it is possible because going from Solidworks to Viz with IGES does not yield the same problem.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

A little further investigation on my part revealed that if I bring in a Rhino STEP file as an assembly into Solidworks and export that as an IGES, I get what I need in Viz.

It is a solution, but seems rather cumbersome. If anyone has a workaround without using Solidworks as an intermediary, please share your insights!

Is it possible that Autodesk is automatically stiitching the surfaces wogether? Why do you want separate surfaces?

when exporting from rhino in iges\igs format the software exports your objects as surfaces therefore if you want to get parts export each part individualy.
then you can also name it in wiz or group it if needed.

good luck

Its stitching entire assemblies with separate solids together. That’s not a good thing when you want to assign different materials to different parts or create assembly animations.