Rhino to 3D Max - best flow?

Hi, I have some geometry in Rhino and I want to bring it into 3D Max so I can quickly and easily “soften” it? Anyone know best way to export the file? Have tried but meshsmooth not working right on the imported model.


Any smoothing in Max is sensitive to topology, if you’ve got a lot of little edges that don’t make sense from the conversion it will be a mess. Could you post some screenshots ?

Sorry I haven’t used 3dmax in forever. You have to make it a mesh then export yes? Or you’ve done that already?

Would be great if I could automatically smooth and round off this shape, like you buffed it on a jewelers wheel, instead of having to run fillets. You know to get a more organically smoothed out shape and for fast workflow.

Here is the actual shape I want to smooth out, like it was buffed out on a jeweler’s wheel if you know what I mean. Like what 3ds does to that cube when it smooths it out, kind of bows out the flat planes too.

I think you have a mismatch of modelling methods to achieve what you want. meshsmooth is very dependant on the geometry. and as far as i know, there’s no way to convert the nurbs splines that define the shape to a useful mesh (you can convert it but it’ll just be built up out of triangles, which wouldn’t give you the right meshsmooth result).

Simply put, though i have reasonable experience with both programs, i wouldn’t know how to meshsmooth a rhino model in max (so i’ll be following this thread with interest). It’s either building it in rhino and use fillets/blends or build it in max and use meshsmooth. Or have a look at t-splines for rhino, which looks like your polygon modelling while meshsmooth is on (sort of looks like that at least, haven’t used it yet).

Thanks a bunch Holtag. I am coming to a similar conclusion. I just hate to have to learn another method - i.e. t-splines. Learning curve looks steep but may be worth it in the end to create more organic forms and easy variations on them. I think they have a good shell command too which is not improved in rhino till ver. 5. But gee wouldn’t this be an awesome feature if built into rhino? Great work by the way!