Rhino Surfacing Question (Post BU/Join)

Hey guys,

Question: Before I join/boolean union anything in Rhino, my surfaces are all nice & tight. Usually confirm with an environmental map as well. Although after the command, the surfaces are compromised, and not for the better…a sort of crinkled appearance. If I import into SolidWorks, everything looks good again.

Does anyone have an explanation for whats truly happening?

Thanks in advance!

This happens to me sometimes, if the surface is importing well into SW then it might just be the mesh that Rhino is creating to render.
Try View>Remesh and see if that resets the surface render mesh and gives you a smooth appearance.

That looks to be a problems with the view mesh. As choto states, you can switch from the default “fast” to smooth and slower. Shouldnt slow you down much. You may even need to go in and enter your own values to get it to go completely away, but that can really bog things down.