Rhino Surfaces to SolidWorks

So I’ve got a 3D Model build in Rhino and my client wants to take it into SolidWorks. Does anyone have any tips/pointers on how to best prepare the model & export the file so it translates into SolidWorks OK?

Apparently, They’ve been having problems with the generic IGES I gave them. I just sent them a SolidWorks Solids IGES & am waiting to hear back from them. I thought I’d give this a try in the meantime…

I’m pretty much self taught on Rhino & have no experience with SolidWorks, so any info anyone might have would really help.

Thanks in advance!

Send them the native Rhino files. Solidworks has a plugin to open Rhino files. I do it all the time.

Yes. Solidworks 2007 allows you to open native 3dm without the plug-in. If you can send a parasolid that would be cool too.

Thanks for the replies so far - the info has been VERY helpful. They’re trying out the SW plug-in and I’m hoping that will do the trick.

Does anyone have any advice on how best to prepare the model itself for use in SolidWorks? Ideally, should they be fully joined objects, or are just external surfaces enough to work with?

Any thoughts?

It depends on your wokflow. If you have “engineereed” it then make the part as close as possible to the final object with draft etc:
If your guys are going to rework the surfaces, then the raw surfaces without fillets and blends (that are non critical) Lighter files are always better.
Closed polysurfaces are always nice. They get auto-converted into solids on import.

I’ve done quite a bit of this, because models are so easy to create in Rhino.

The plugin is the best way to get the models into solidworks, but make sure they’re completley closed polysurfaces…this will also make it simpler if you choose to export them as .IGES files.


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