Rhino? Solidthinking? Alias?

Hi all,

I’m a rookie Rhino user (I have tried it for three months) and now I was thinking to buy it, but looking for this kind of software on internet I have found a video about Solidthinking…
I didn’t know it, what do you think about this software?

In the video is amazing how the program can help you to modify your shape continuosly bringing the creativity to the modeling. I think this things are impossible with rhino or am I wrong?

I have seen the speedy video on youtube (Luxo Restyling - YouTube) but is possible to see the lower version on Solidthinking’s website (Altair | Discover Continuously. Advance Infinitely - Only Forward.)

I didn’ try Alias, can it do the same things of Solidthinking? anyway I think would be too expensive… :confused:

thanks for any advice…

You can do this in Rhino. I would suggest keeping Rhino. Not a lot of companies use Solidthinking. When I tried the demo of Solidthinking it was very unstable.

Rule out Solidthinking for now. Try Alias or Rhino.

I used Solidthinking for 4 years before moving onto Rhino. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. Solid is very weak in comparison to rhino. Rhino is far more accurate compared to solidthinking as well as faster and easier on the compute in both memory and processor.

Due to its history command solidthinkg becomes ridicously slow after a file gets above two or three megabytes in size.

The only avantage the Solidthinking has over rhino is that it has a rendering engine built in but that is not included in all the versions. Rhino is a lot cheaper even when you calculate the cost of a separate rendering program like maxwell, hypershot, or imagestudio.


thanks for the reply…

but I haven’t up my mind yet. Are you sure that rhino can do the same things that SolidThinking can do like in this other video:

in the last quarter of this video, after that the model was completed, they edit the shape continuosly without redo any operation, but only editing the generation curve… at a certain moment, the shape change considerably editing only one curve. Is really possible with Rhino? I known that there’s the history options in Rhino but I couldn’t do the same parametric modification like SolidThinking seems can do. Moreover I think that rhino hasn’t construction tree…

I’m trying the demo of solidthinking 7.5, I’m at the begining and I can’t do the same of the video, but the feedback isn’t so bad.
Besides is true that the history slow down the modeling, but I have seen that is possible to disable the history and work like the other non-parametric software.

Did you try the 7.5 version?

I don’t know… maybe is Rhino just easier to use but less powerfull?

thanks more

construction histories always slow down a system, no matter what system you use.

if you work with pro-e you will see that a complex car is also step by step build/refreshed.

I know ST since many years and it lacks some features but the history is what I think Rhino lacks the most among the simple fact that Rhino has major surface intersection flaws and bugs.

I would suggest sticking with the staple products out there and not get training on one of the alternate tools. Stick with industry standards where you can be in demand esp during the economic downturn.

I have seen a demo of solidthinking and also played with the version you can download off the internet. It has a lot of really compelling features- specifically the one you mentioned about being able to alter a model in real time.

That being said, solidthinking is still lacking in some very basic areas- they don’t even have hot keys set up yet, which really, really hinders 3d modeling productivity.

Out of all three of your choices, alias will be the most powerful and give you the most control. If you are a student you can download studio tools for free off their website. Rhino is very much an industry standard and comprable to Alias in many, but not all, ways. Just like everyone else has said- I would hold off on solidthinking until it picks up a little more momentum here in the states. It’s a slightly underdeveloped piece of softwear with lots of potential.

The only one I would rule out is Alias. I still use it as a render engine. I love the command line and batch render functions.
BUt modelling in Alias? Why should I do that? Rhino is so much more precise! In ALias you can not even draw a straight line with a given lenght! YOu have to draw a line, and then open the object editor to specify its lenght…if you want to rotate an object around a given point…you first have to move around its pivot point! Snapping? Rhino beats Alias hands down!

ST has some pretty nice ideas (different grid sizes for example) but gets messy with it construction tree. Nice render engine tough. Still I stick to Rhino, but ST is something i always have a close look at.

Alias may be an old dog, but what it does, it still does really well. I haven’t seen many applications beat it in complex, clean surface creation and manipulation.

You can draw a line in Alias exactly the same as in Rhino. I can enter coordinates, snap to the grid, etc. Moving the pivot point takes 2 clicks whereas in Rhino you are defining the pivot every time. And regarding snapping, name something you can do in Rhino that you can’t do in Alias? The procedure may require a bit more education but the functionality is all there. Rhino makes it easy to pick the midpoint for example, but lets say I want to divide a surface into thirds? Easy to do with patch precision and snapping in Alias, not so easy in Rhino.

Rhinos great in that it will create any surface you can imagine. But the underlying geometry/math is often so dirty and horrendous that it’s great for renderings, and any engineer you send it to will throw it out and rebuild your design.

I’m not bashing Rhino - it was my application of choice for years. Great price point, great functionality, especially in certain fields, but for Class A surfacing and evaulation it just doesn’t compare.

Just design everything with an Apple aesthetic and you don’t have to worry about complex surfacing. Haha!
Just kidding.

I use Rhino cause it does everything I need it to for a good price and runs well on a laptop.
The package I think I need to learn is SolidWorks.
SolidThinking crashed a lot, I had an early version and it just wasn’t as good or popular as Rhino.
Having a lot of people use a program helps it evolve and you have more forums and resources to get answers.
There are more plug-ins and add-ons for Rhino than SolidThinking too.

I’d say Rhino and SolidWorks will be useful and more affordable (if you were buying yourself) than say Alias or Pro/E and can do just about anything you can throw at it. Your client’s would never know the difference.

I own all three of alias programs including Automotive, Design and Surface they work perfectly together if you want to design a car. Rhino is a no name compare to Alias and it is way cheaper than alias, all autodesk products are top dog for designs and I can named a few that I’ve owned. Maya 2012, Mudbox 2012 and Smoke 2012 you do not compare your cheap product with autodesk and what the heck is ST? LMAO cheap a$$ programs hahaha. I also own 3ds max 2012, Architecture 2012 and Revit Architecture all for free no need to buy if you know how to get it that is. Actually I only go for major player softwares like adobe creative suite 5 master collection, logic studio 9, final cut studio 3, cinema 4d studio 12. This would cost me thousands of dollars but got it for 0 cent LOL cuz I’m the best at getting stuff for free muahahaha. I dislike when people compare no name software with the big dog ya know.

Oh my! :laughing:

Best Troll Evar.