rhino rhino rhino

I’m learning Rhino
I’m pretty beginner
I wanted to know a very simple question some of you may think silly, I have a problem rotating objects,… I’m just learning how to think in 3d design now…I’m used to working in photoshop and you know, rotating is very simple there, but with Rhino you have three different types of rotate and points and axes and all that
can anyone direct me to a good tutorial for that online or give me some pointers (rhino3d.com - i couldn’t find anything) thanks, -Fishfool @ The Reef Tank

Check these out:

This book will get you started

Hope it helps.

Check this page :
Look under the Books & Tutorials section. There’s at least 30 entries.

Also, hey, I got some training stuff on my website for my Rhino class. Check it out at http://www.professor3d.com